Scared of Salt?

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Do you fear salt? I'm sure that you've heard that salt can cause water retention, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes etc..... well, that's a load of crap I'll let you make up your own mind after reading this, but I'll be surprised if you still think that's true!

Here's something you probably didn't know about that little item in your kitchen...

The Ancient Romans used to pay their workers in SALT, or money to buy salt. It was once valued as much as gold! You've probably heard the expression, 'worth your salt.'

The word 'salary' comes from the Latin word 'salarium', which means 'salt money.'

I should warn you: ALL SALT IS NOT EQUAL

"One is health damaging, and the other is healing" - Doctor Mercola 
When I say salt, I mean completely unrefined, nature-made salt. From the ocean or the earth with nothing added or removed. Table salt is not the same as REAL salt!

Any nature-made salt added regularly to your diet regulates blood pressure, clears the lungs of mucous (essential for asthma), ensures rapid healing of infection and viral overwhelm, balances sugar levels in the blood (important for diabetes), prevents muscle cramps and eliminates cold and flu symptoms faster. It is vital for the absorption of food through the intestinal tract; improving digestion, and is critical for making the structure of bones strong.

Salt generates hydroelectric energy in the cells, creating the body's power source and giving us the energy we need daily. Even soaking in a bath of salty water eases muscle pains and heals injuries faster

"Consuming salt prevents and heals virtually any known infection, inflammation and toxic overwhelm in the body." 
- Don Tolman

When I'm at the beach my skin clears, I have more energy, things heal faster. I've found that breathing in the salt air clears anything from a sore throat, to the flu! (Of course you still need to rest and nourish your body with good food.) Adding a little salt to an already healthy lifestyle will have many, many benefits... I promise!

So how can you add salt to your diet? 
There are many types of GOOD salt; sea salt and rock salt are types you can easily find at the supermarket. So get your hands on the best source you can find and sprinkle a bit on at meal times! If you have the start of a sore throat, put a pinch on your tongue. If you have sore or injured muscles, soak in a hot bath with half a cup of salt. It's not rocket science! It's one of the surest ways I know to stay healthy this winter!

So whatever you do, please don't be scared of salt. 

Some places to find GOOD salt online:

xx Courtney

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