Fresh pumpkin pine nut ravioli

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Pasta making was once an activity I regularly enjoyed with friends, but it's been a long time. I have since changed my lifestyle and found that a diet with a lot of animal products is not for me, but I assure you it doesn't mean missing out on the good things! Although the pasta I always made had egg, it is actually very normal for it to not so I dusted off the pasta machine and came up with a cruelty free recipe to satisfy my carbed up dinner cravings. This is the sort of recipe you don't have to be vegan or even vegetarian to enjoy!

Serves 4

Rolling pin, pasta machine

3 cup plain flour
1 cup warm water
2 tbsp olive

1/2 butternut pumpkin roasted
3 cloves garlic
Half bunch basil leaves (2ish cups)
70g pine nuts
1/4 cup almonds
2 tbsp olive oil

2 can diced tomato
700g tomato purée
1 onion cut into quarters
3 basil leaves
2 tbsp dried mixed herbs

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees (c). Cut the pumpkin into small pieces, removing the skin and place in an oven dish with a small amount of oil. Roast until cooked through. While the pumpkin cooks, put all sauce ingredients in a saucepan. Cook on medium heat until hot, then turn heat to low and simmer with no lid stirring occasionally. 
For the pasta, combine all ingredients in a food processor and blend until it forms crumbs. Dust your bench top with flour and pour dough onto surface. Kneed until it becomes one big ball. Wrap in glad wrap and leave for 30 mins until smooth and stretchy. Divide the dough into 6 pieces and roll each out with a rolling pin. One at a time, put the sheets through the pasta machine, starting at the thickest setting (setting 7) and thinning until medium thickness (setting 5). Place the sheets out of the way while you prepare the filling. I hung mine over a broomstick between two cupboards. 

Your pumpkin should be ready now. Combine all filling ingredients but the pumpkin in your food processor and blend until relatively smooth. Add the pumpkin and blend until puréed. Spoon the purée into a ziplock bag and cut a small amount off of one of the corners to pipe the filling. Cut the pasta sheets into small rectangles and pipe an amount the size of a ten cent piece into one half of the rectangle.  Fold the other half over and use a fork to seal the edges. Place on a piece of grease-proof paper until all are ready to be cooked.

Bring a pot of salted water to the boil and place some of the pasta in. You will need to divide the pasta into batches so they don't all stick together in the water. Fresh pasta takes much less time to cook (2-3 mins) and you will know it's ready when the ravioli floats to the top of the water. As they come to the top, scoop the ravioli out and allow to drain. Repeat until you have cooked all of your pasta. Take your sauce off the heat and remove the onion quarters. Serve the pasta and garnish with basil leaves. Enjoy!

xx Courtney

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