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We are all so conscious of the time we spend, but we often don't think about the energy we spend. What if energy was the same as time? 

In the same way we only have so many hours in a day, I believe we have a certain amount of energy. Not the kind you can give a boost with food; an emotional, spiritual energy.

How many times have you spent a whole day worrying about something, someone, the past, the future? We use all this energy worrying or thinking about things that are out of our control, and it's exhausting!

Energy is precious.

[Photography by Tommy Eyers]
This is something that is often mentioned in the context of performing. Why? Because if you use too much energy at the beginning of a show, you tire out. This extends to other areas of life, no matter what you do. And the same as time, once it's gone you can't get it back! 

We practise yoga and meditation to open our energy channels and allow energy to flow freely through our body and chakras. But we waste it so easily.

And it's not just worrying, it's where you put your intentions, where you are focusing your energy. If we spend too much energy on the wrong things, we have none for the positives in the day. How can we be happy if we're using up all our energy on negative things?

It's about acknowledging where we are spending our energy and then consciously deciding what we spend it on. Being aware and mindful. Our energy supply each day is not infinite.

Today, let's all take the time to acknowledge our energy. Appreciate it and choose mindfully.

Sending good energy your way.

xx Courtney

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